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Company NameCompany URLDecade FormedStudent LinkStartup Type
3D Audio Corporaton* Direct
5Nines Data 2000 Related
Aberdean Inc 2000 Pending Review
Able Signal* 1990 Direct
Accuweb Inc 1980 Pending Review
Adaptive Coating Technologies, L. L. C. 1990 Related
Add the Flavor x Direct
Advanced Engines Development Corporation 1980 Related
Advanced Plasma Technologies Pending Review
Agave Group 2000 x Direct
Agracetus 1980 Pending Review
Agrecol 1990 x Direct
AgResearch International, Inc. 1990 Related
AhR Pharmaceuticals* 2000 Direct
Akami Software x Direct
Alator Biosciences LLC 2000 x Direct
ALERT Systems INC 1990 x Direct
Alfalight* 1990 Direct
Allison Tree Care INC 1990 x Direct
Alto Vino 2000 x Direct
American Ag-Tec International Pending Review
American BioProducts Company, LLC 1990 Related
American Computer Software 1980 Related
American Superconductor Corporation 2000 Pending Review
American Tel-A-Systems (aka AMTELCO) 1980 x Direct
AniMaps* 2000 Direct
Anteco Pharma LLC 2000 Pending Review
Aovatechnologies INC (fka OvaTech, Inc./August LLC)* 2000 Direct
Applied Biotechnology Institute* 1990 Direct
Applied Reproductive Technologies (fka BOMED INC) 1990 Direct
Applied Tech Solutions INC www.appliedtech.u... 1990 Direct
AquaMOST* 2000 Direct
Aristotle Ventures INC (aka IPIC/aKa Card) www.aristotleventure... 2000 x Direct
Aruna Biomedical INC* www.arunabiomedical.... Direct
Astronautics Corporation of America 1950 Related
Auris Solutions LLC 2000 x Direct
Automation Components 1990 Pending Review
Auxon 1990 Direct
AviGene Services INC 1990 Direct
Badger Hustle 2000 x Direct
Badger Painting LLC www.badgerpainting.c... 2000 x Direct
Bahr Management INC* 1990 Direct
Bannatek Company 1980 Direct
Bellbrook Labs 2000 Pending Review
Berbee Information Networks 1990 Related
Beta Biostatistics INC 2000 Pending Review
Binaural Solutions* 2000 x Direct
BioAcoustics, Inc. 1990 Related
BioAssay 1990 Direct
BioCascade 2000 Pending Review
Biocommunications Electronics LLC 1990 Direct
Biodyne Chemicals* 1980 Direct
BioElectroMagnetics INC 1980 Related
BioInterface Technologies INC 1980 x Direct
BioKey, L.L.C. 1990 Pending Review
BioRenewal Technologies(aka Mitoscan Corp/Faraday Biotech)* 1990 Direct
BioSentinel* 2000 Direct
BIT 7 Inc 1990 Pending Review
BlastoVac* 2000 x Direct
Blue Iris Software www.blueirissoftware... Pending Review
Blue Storm Media www.bluestormmedia.c... 2000 Pending Review
Bluegrass Embryo Transfer Pending Review
Bone Care International * 1980 Direct
BOSS International 1970 x Direct
Brain Research Laboratories INC* www.brainresearchlab... 2000 Direct
BrainReactions www.brainreactions.c... 2000 x Direct
Breakthrough Development LLC* www.breakthroughdeve... 1990 x Direct
Bridge to Life Ltd.* www.bridgetolifesolu... Direct
BriteIce Technologies LLC 2000 x Direct
C 5 6 Technologies www.c56technologies.... 2000 Direct
Cambria Biosciences* Direct 2000 x Direct
Cardiac Control Technologies INC 1990 Related
Career Development Systems 1990 Direct
Carepoint Diagnostics Pending Review
Carrol Henry x Direct
Cascade Asset Management www.cascade-assets.c... 1990 x Direct
CD Technologies INC 1990 x Direct
Cellectar 2000 Direct
Cellular Dynamics* www.cellular-dynamic... 2000 Direct
Centrose* www.centrosepharma.c... 2000 Direct
Chrysalis Biosciences Corporation 2000 x Direct
Chu Laboratories LLC 1990 Direct
City Dictionary www.citydictionary.c... x Direct
Clarion Pharmaceuticals INC 1990 Direct
Class Biologically Clean Ltd. 1970 x Direct
Clean Wellwater Technologies LLC 2000 Pending Review
Clinical Convenience Products 1980 Direct
Clotho Advanced Media INC Pending Review
CNS Pharmaceuticals Pending Review
Coating Place* 1970 Direct
Codon Devices INC (fka Genetic Assemblies)* 2000 Direct
Colby Pharmaceutical* Direct
Communications Technologies INC 1980 Related
Community Knowledgebase 2000 Direct
CompuTherm 1990 Direct
ConjuGon* 2000 x Direct
Conlinco* 1990 Direct
Convergent Science INC (fka Convergent Thinking) 1990 x Direct
Coolwater Farms 1990 x Direct
CPM Marketing Group Pending Review
Cultured Kids Immersion Schools LLC www.culturedkidsofma... 2000 x Direct
CycloGraphics LLC 1990 Pending Review
Daggett Medical Engineering 1960 Direct
Dairy Strategies LLC www.dairystrategies.... 1990 Direct
Datagration LLC 1990 x Direct
Deathrage Softwear Solutions INC Pending Review
Deibel Laboratories INC 1960 Direct
DeK Computers LLC 1990 x Direct
Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals* 2000 Direct
Digisonix INC 1990 Direct
Dimensional Sound* 1990 Direct
DNASTAR 1980 Direct
DormSource LLC 2000 x Direct
Drive Alternatives www.dirvealternative... 2000 x Direct
Echometrix* 2000 Direct
Ecostream, LLC 2000 x Direct
eDNA Genomics Pending Review
Egg Innovations* www.egginnovations.c... 1990 Direct
Eggs International* 1990 x Direct
Electronic Theater Controls INC x Direct
eMetagen* 2000 x Direct
Endocrine Laboratories of Madison INC 1950 Direct
Endorex 1980 Pending Review
Engineering Industries INC www.engineeringindus... 1960 Direct
Epic Systems Corporation 1970 x Direct
Epicentre Technologies 1980 Related
EraGen 2000 Pending Review
Errand Solutions www.errandsolutions.... 1990 x Direct
ES Cell International* www.escellinternatio... Direct
Everett L. Smith LLC Direct
ExchangeHut 2000 x Direct
Exprin* 1990 Direct
Expxt INC Pending Review
Extract Systems (aka ID Shield) www.extractsystems.c... 1990 x Direct
F-Chart Software 2000 Direct
Fermentech 1990 Direct
Fiberamics 1990 Related
FireSite 2000 x Direct
Fisher-Barton, Inc. 1960 Related
FlexTech Systems INC www.flextechsystems.... 1980 Pending Review
Flownamics Analytical Instruments INC 1990 Related
Fluent Systems LLC 2000 x Direct
Flugen* 2000 x Direct
Forensic Associates LLC 2000 Pending Review
Forgene, Inc. 1980 Related
ForumNet, Inc. 1990 Related
FreeBikes (fka AdverCycling) www.freebikerentals.... x Direct
Fugent 1990 Direct
Functional Biosciences INC 2000 x Direct
Gala Design* 1990 Direct
Galaxy Technologies 1980 Related
Gammex INC (fka RMI)* 1970 Direct
GateWave Northern INC (fka Parkview R&D) 1990 Related
GeneSys Technologies* www.genesys-systems.... 1990 x Direct
Genetel Laboratories 2000 Pending Review
Genetic Visions* www.geneticvisions.n... 1980 Direct
Genetics Computer Group 1980 Direct
Genome International Corporation 1990 Pending Review
Genome Technologies 1990 Pending Review
GenTel BioSciences * 2000 Direct
GenTrac INC 1980 Pending Review
Geometrics Corporation 1990 x Direct
GeriGene Medical Corporation 1990 Related
Gilson INC 1960 x Direct
Goliath Networks INC 1990 Direct
Good Bugs INC* 1990 Direct
Great Lakes Ag Energy (fka Great Lakes Biofuels) www.greatlakesbiofue... 2000 x Direct
Greek Innovators www.greekinnovators.... x Direct
Green Leaf Market www.greenleafmarket.... x Direct
Greenstone Technologies 2000 Related
Greenverse 2000 x Direct
GWC Technologies (fka GWC Instruments)* www.gwctechnologies.... 2000 Direct
Health Companion Systems Direct
Health Insights Research Group 1990 Direct
Health Micro Data Systems INC 1980 x Direct
Healthcare Tech Systems LLC Pending Review
Helix Diagnostics* www.helixdiagnostics... 2000 Direct
Helyxzion Pending Review
Heurikon Corporation 1970 x Direct
Hi-Techniques INC 1980 Pending Review
Hot 1990 x Direct
Hypercosm INC 1990 x Direct
Image Processing Software INC 1980 Direct
Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation * 1990 Direct
Incharge* 1990 Direct
Infigen 1990 Pending Review
Innovation Technologies Worldwide 2000 Pending Review
Insulete 2000 Direct
Intact Solutions www.intact-solutions... 1990 Direct
Intelix LLC 1990 Related
Intellectual Property LLC www.ipllc.c... 2000 Pending Review
Intraband LLC* 2000 Direct
Intramedical Imaging* Direct
Inviragen 2000 Direct
InZum 2000 x Direct
ioGenetics* 2000 Direct
Isomark * 2000 Direct
IT Controls Pending Review
J. Whittier Biologics 1990 Direct
JG Software Pending Review
JML Research 1980 x Direct
Kaivalya 2000 x Direct
Kendrick Laboratories 1980 Direct
Knight Hollow Nursery www.knighthollownurs... 1980 Direct
KnowledgePort Alliance* Direct
L&R Holdings x Direct
Lakeside Software Pending Review
LCI (aka Laboratory Consulting)* 1970 Direct
Learning Multi-Systems 1970 Pending Review
Life Sonics 2000 x Direct
LifeGen Technologies* 2000 Direct
LS Optimal 1990 Direct
Lucigen Corporation 1990 Pending Review
Lumen Group Limited 1990 Pending Review
Lunar 1970 Direct 2000 x Direct
Madison Analytical Services 1990 Pending Review
Madison Magnetics 1970 Pending Review
Madison Mushrooms 1990 Direct
Madison Shuttle 2000 x Direct
Markwell Medical Institute INC 1980 Pending Review
Marquip, Inc. www.marquipwardunite... 1960 Related
Marvel MedTech LLC 2000 Related
Matrilab* 2000 Direct
Mattson Instruments 1980 Related
McIsaac Software 2000 Direct
Medical Imaging Solutions (fka ColoGlow) 2000 x Direct
Medical Monitoring Systems 1980 Direct
Medical Physics Publishing Corporation www.medicalphysics.o... 1980 Direct
Metabiologics* 1990 Direct
Metriflow Medical Systems 1970 Related
Microfabrica* Direct
Microfend 2000 x Direct
Micro-Optics Technologies INC 1980 Related
Microporous Oxides Science & Technology* 1990 Direct
Midwest MicroTech INC 1990 x Direct
Mijenix Corporation 1990 Pending Review
Millennium Cranberry 1990 Direct
Mirus Bio* 1990 Direct
Mithridion* 2000 Direct
MITINET (fka Information Transform) 1980 Pending Review 1990 x Direct
Molecular Chimerics 1980 Pending Review
Momenta Technologies LLC 2000 x Direct
National Electrostatics 1960 x Direct
National Research Group 1970 Direct
NemaGain Research 2000 Direct
Nemean Networks * www.nemeannetworks.c... 2000 Direct
Nemean Technologies Pending Review
NeoClone Biotechnology International* 1990 x Direct
Nerites Corporation 2000 Pending Review
Net Nerds 2000 x Direct
Network Dynamics 1990 Direct
NeuroGenomeX (aka Neurogenomic Sciences)* 1990 Direct
NeuroMark Genomics* Direct
NeuWave (fka Micrablate)* 2000 Direct
Newco re Breath Biomarkers Pending Review
Nicolet Instrument Corporation 1960 Related
NimbleGen Systems* 1990 Direct
Northern Chemical Engineering Laboratories Pending Review
Novagen* www.emdbiosciences.c... 1980 Direct
Novalon 1980 Related
Novascan* 2000 Direct
Novashield (fka Securitas Technologies)* 2000 Direct
nPoint (aka PIEZOMAX)* 1990 Direct
NuTek Bio Related
Nutra Park (fka JP BioRegulators)* 1990 Direct
NxtMile 2000 x Direct
O.Z. Innovations (fka O.Z. Pack) x Direct
Obetech 1990 Direct
OmniPresent Systems LLC 2000 x Direct
OpGen* 2000 Direct
Ophidian Pharmaceuticals 1980 Direct
Optametra * 2000 Direct
Orbital Technologies Corporation 1980 x Direct
Oriel INC (fka Joiner Associates) 1980 Direct
OvaMax 1990 Related
Oxatech (fka Biopulping International)* 1990 Direct
Pandanus 1980 Direct
PanVera Corporation 1990 Direct
Pathway Life Sciences* Direct
PerBlue www.parallelkingdom.... 2000 x Direct
Persoft Inc 1980 Related
Pharma Development Concepts LLC www.pharmadevconcept... 2000 Related
Phoenix Engineering & Computing 1960 Direct
Phykos Engineering LLC 1990 Direct
Phyto-Colorants* 1990 Direct
Picocal* Direct
Pioneer Automation www.pioneercontrolle... 1980 Related
Pitas Instruments 1990 Related
Placon Corporation 1960 Related
Planet LLC (fka Planet Products Corporation) www.planet-products.... 1990 Related
Plasmigon LLC* 2000 Direct
Platypus Technologies* 2000 Direct
POLYRON Materials INC* 2000 Direct
Poseiden Probes* Direct
Power & Energy International, Inc. 1980 Related
PowerDesigners (aka Nasser, INC) www.powerdesignersus... 1990 Pending Review
Powered Green 2000 x Direct
Prairie Software Engineering 1990 Pending Review
Prairie Technologies INC 1990 Related
Precision Golf Systems 2000 x Direct
Precision Information 1990 x Direct
Prevention Genetics LLC www.preventiongeneti... 2000 Related
Prism Analytical INC 1980 Direct
Prism Computational Sciences INC 1990 Direct
ProactiCare x Direct
ProCertus BioPharm INC* 1990 Direct
ProCreations LLC* 1990 Direct
Prodigene (aka Nektar Worldwide)* Direct
Project Phoenix INC 1980 Direct
Prolificow Pending Review
Promega Corporation 1980 x Direct
Promoter Neurosciences* 2000 Direct
Prosentinel* 2000 Direct
Prototype Design Services INC 1980 Pending Review
QRG Bioscience INC 2000 Pending Review
Quantum Devices INC 1980 Pending Review
Quincy BioScience www.quincybioscience... 2000 Pending Review
Quintessence Bioscience* 1990 Direct
Quiq INC 1990 Pending Review
Rapigen 1990 Direct
Ratio* www.ratiodrugdeliver... 2000 x Direct
Raven Software 1990 Related
Raw Data Productions LLC 2000 x Direct
Red Dot Foods INC 1980 Pending Review
Reflection Imaging, Inc. Related
Reining International, Ltd. www.ipllc.c... 1980 Pending Review
RelateNow 2000 Direct
Renovar* 1990 Direct
Respicure 2000 x Direct
RMP LLC 1970 Pending Review
RR Software INC 1980 Related
Rxoa BioSciences LLC 2000 Pending Review
Salix LLC 2000 Direct
Salus* 2000 Direct
Sandbox International 2000 x Direct
Scarab Genomics* www.scarabgenomics.c... 2000 Direct
ScheduleSoft Corporation 1990 Related
SciBiz 2000 x Direct
Scientific Protein Laboratories 1960 Pending Review
Sconnie Nation 2000 x Direct
Sevrain Technology INC Pending Review
Silatronix* Direct* 2000 Direct
SinuMed LLC 2000 Related
Sky Vegetables x Direct
SLIL Biomedical Corporation* 1990 Direct
Small Potatoes* 1980 x Direct
SoftSwitching Technologies* 1990 Direct
Softwave Pumps LLC 2000 Pending Review
Sokol Crystal Products, Inc. 1970 Related
Sologear 2000 Related
Sonic Foundry INC 1990 Related
SonoPlot* 2000 Direct
SpectroCon 2000 Direct
Spectrum Research* 1990 Direct
Standard Imaging www.standardimaging.... 1980 Direct INC www.stationerycentra... 2000 Related
Stem Cell Products INC* www.stemcell-product... 2000 Direct
Stem Lifeline * Direct
Stemina Biomarker Discovery* 2000 Direct
Sterling Scientific www.sterlingscientif... 1990 Direct
StormForce Direct
Stratatech* www.stratatechcorp.c... 1990 x Direct
Strategic Advantage Software Corporation 1990 Related
Stress Photonics www.stressphotonics.... 1980 x Direct
Student Spill LLC 2000 x Direct
Suomi Scientific 1990 Direct
Superconducting Systems www.superconductings... Pending Review
Sustainable Energy 2000 Pending Review
Syndrome Software 2000 x Direct
Synertron 1980 Direct
T & T Technology INC x Direct
TeamSoft INC 1990 Related
TeraWerx 2000 Direct
Tera-X 2000 Direct
Terso Solutions www.tersosolutions.c... 2000 Related
Tetrad INC 1980 Related
Tetrionics 1990 Direct
TFX Bioscience* 2000 Direct
The Campus Atlas www.thecampusatlas.c... x Direct
The Madison Group: Polymer Processing Research Corp 1990 x Direct
The NeuronFarm LLC 2000 Direct
The Technology Business Group, Inc.* 1990 Direct
The WARF Institute* Direct
Themeseekr 2000 x Direct
Thermal Spray 1990 Related
Third Wave Technologies* 1990 Direct
ThreeD-Readers LLC Pending Review
TomoTherapy INC* 1990 Direct
Touchdown Technologies* Direct
TRAC Microbiology (fka BrainWave Technologies) 2000 Pending Review
Trace Research & Development Center www.trace.wisc.ed... Pending Review
TrafficCast 1990 Direct
Transgenic Bioassay 1990 Direct
TransSmart Technologies Pending Review
UCLID Software www.extractsystems.c... 1990 x Direct
uFunctional LLC 2000 Related
Ultrascan INC 1990 x Direct
Ultratec INC 1970 Direct
UltraVisual Medical Systems 2000 Related
Unifinium, Ltd. www.plantcarebyunifi... 1980 Direct
Update Instrument INC www.updateinstrument... 1970 Pending Review
Ur - Water LLC* 2000 Direct
vdW Design* 2000 Direct
Veterinary Reproductive Specialties 1980 x Direct
Virent Energy Systems* 2000 Direct
Vita Plus Corporation 1940 Related
Vitae 2000 Direct
Weather Central (fka Colorgraphics) 1980 Direct
Wicab* 1990 Direct
Willow Creek Aquaculture 1990 Direct
WindLift LLC www.windlift.wordpre... 2000 x Direct
Wisconsin Relic x Direct
Wisconsin Whey International INC 1990 Related
Yahara Software www.yaharasoftware.c... 2000 Related
Yeda Pending Review

About the Census

The Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship is conducting a census of firms linked to the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Estimated number of companies:

Dec. 31, 2010: 304

(Last updated August 8, 2011)

Definition UW Direct Start-up Company

A firm is a direct university start-up if:

  • One or more founders were affiliated with the university as a faculty, staff or student at the time of founding or within 1 year of ending their UW-Madison affiliation


  • The firm was formed around a university technology at the time of its founding


Definition UW Related Start-up Company

A firm is university-related start-up if:

  • Founded by any UW-Madison community member who may have launched the company more than 1 year after ending their UW affiliation (e.g, as faculty, staff or students).

Definition WARF Technology

Companies with an asterisk (*) at the end of their name were formed around a technology licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).

Project Support

This project is made possible with support from the Office of Corporate Relations with additional support from Madison area companies and key campus partners.